Just a Few of My Favorites…

Since I love to keep things practical, here are some links I am sharing with you in hopes that it will equip, inspire, and motivate you to think outside your box. Click and enjoy:

Teach your teen how to read their Bible

Parents of teenagers, take advantage of this resource. This is one of those things I wish we would have done. My kids are grown now, so I’m passing this one to you. The Village Church does a great job at equipping its members, and they allow the rest of us to benefit from it, too.

The State of the Union is divided. How should we respond as Christians?

Knowing how to respond to our nation’s divisiveness in a way that won’t build a wall between you and your neighbor (sorry for the political pun) is an extreme challenge. This article gives some good guidelines to help you navigate these shark infested waters.

Valentine’s Day and Flowers!

It’s February and today in Texas I’m wearing flip flops, which makes me long for spring, which makes me long for flowers. And with Valentine’s Day around the corner, maybe you could use some inspiration! Check out Floret Flowers’ blog – may it become your happy place too!

This is a feel good story, because in a world with bad news – we need good news!

Good Morning America! recently aired a story about “Neighbor’s Table.” May it bring some inspiration – practically loving your neighbor and building community by inviting people to your table. Love it!

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