Add To Your Faith…

He is risen!

It’s the week following Easter, and I want to include some resources in this week’s list of my favorite things. All are focused on the resurrection of Christ and living in light of this powerful truth and reality.

What I Am Listening To

After the Easter holiday, I began listening to the album, Resurrection Letters, Vol. 1, by Andrew Peterson, and it is on repeat on my Spotify account. The songs are truth-filled resurrection hope pointing me to live in light of eternity, and lifting my heart in joy and gratitude for what Jesus did by dying on the cross and raising from the dead. This is a good discipline to add to your faith in good times and tough times. You know sometimes you just have to preach the Gospel to yourself, or sing it!

From the Blogging World

Intelligent Atheists, Intelligent Christians: Who Gets It Right?

This article is actually an excerpt taken from a book written by the blog’s author, Scott Sauls, contemplating the true reasons behind the atheist’s arguments blocking their belief in the resurrection, and ultimately their belief in God.

Just Something Extra

During the Easter weekend, I went and purchased some Hydrangeas. If this doesn’t make you smile and bring good thoughts, then nothing will! I mean look at them!!

A Gem From Social Media

I saw this inspiring tweet the other day from a pastor in the Houston area named, Steve Bezner:

Had 20 or so Muslims from our neighborhood mosque join us today for Easter. Afterwards we hosted a brunch for them to ask questions about the Resurrection. It was pretty sweet. Love my neighbors.— Steve Bezner (@Bezner) April 21, 2019

Before Jesus ascended to heaven, He left us all with a commission to go and preach the gospel to all nations. This tweet really challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and take a chance on someone who may look different than me or comes from a different background. I love that this church took the time to just sit around the table and have conversation. Who do you need to invite to your table or maybe just for a cup of coffee?

He is risen indeed!!

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